A Librarians’ Conversation for SFU Public Square’s Community Summit

Phil Hall, Kevin Stranack, Christina Neigel, Janis McKenzie, Jennifer Wile, Maryann Kempthorne


In September a group of BC librarians had a “Librarian’s Conversation” through the SFU Public Square “100 Community Conversations” program about the economic future of British Columbia. We discussed how librarians could help communities inform themselves about the economy and culture of their own communities and of the province (and, ultimately, in a global sense). That conversation resulted in a report back to SFU Public Square. It lead to discussions of what librarians view as their value to their communities, what steps we could take and questions we could ask ourselves to understand that value, and how we might use that value to create meaningful services and have a positive effect on the economic and cultural life of our communities.

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ISSN 1918-6118