Opinion writing guidelines

The BCLA Browser is currently inviting writers to consider the submission of opinion pieces for potential publication. While this process is currently by invitation from the Browser, if you are interested in submitting an opinion piece, please review the guidelines below and contact the Editor at browser@bcla.bc.ca.

BCLA Browser opinion writing guidelines

Opinion pieces reflect personal and/or professional opinion. They add to an existing debate or begin a new discussion. Opinion pieces are thoughtful, respectful, measured, and present evidence-based argument. They do not use inflammatory language, cliché, or make unsupported and/or wide-sweeping allegation. Opinion pieces are provocative and require the writer to take a position. Strong opinion pieces state the argument at the beginning, present factual and non-emotive evidence, and address potential counter-arguments. The writing is in active – not passive – voice. Most importantly, opinion pieces should inform and engage BCLA membership and encourage dialogue.

All opinion pieces in the Browser will be noted as such and will contain the byline and short bio of the author. The Browser platform allows for any reader to contact the author of any piece by email and this practice will be the same for opinion pieces. All current Browser editorial policy applies to opinion pieces. These policies include the BCLA Browser's Focus and Scope