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Graebner, Carla, Simon Fraser University
Graebner, Carla
Greyson, Devon
Griffin, Alison
Groover, Myron
Groves, Percilla E, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Guilmant-Smith, Gillian, Vancouver Public Library (Canada)


Haigh, Joseph
Hall, Phil
Hannum, Nancy, Consultant to the LawMatters program of the Courthouse Libraries BC; otherwise semi-retired (Canada)
Hannum, Nancy (Canada)
Hannum, Nancy, Simon Fraser University
Harrison, Linton, Burnaby Public Library
Harwood, Silvana, Coquitlam Public Library
Hathaway, Sara
Henderson, Susan, University of Victoria Libraries (Canada)
Henderson, Susan A., UBC, SLAIS, MACL (Canada)
Henderson, Susan, University of Victoria Libraries
Hockin, Tamarack
Hockin, Tamarack, LTAS Chair
Hockin, Tamarack, LTAIG Mentoring Committee
Horrocks, Dana, SLAIS- UBC
Horrocks, Dana Catherine, SLAIS- UBC
Horrocks, Dana
Houlden, Melanie, Surrey Public Library (Canada)

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